It’s Art!

It’s Art

In this lesson we will learn line art by drawing a ploar bear and painting by filling in the landscape.

Sunday 11:30am to 12:45pm
Ages: 7 to 10
$25.00 a class or $100.00 for a pack of 5 classes
Class runs every Sunday except holidays.
Class dates are listed on our calendar page

What is It? It’s the place that colors our world with every shade under the sun and takes us on all sorts of exciting adventures. It’s a fun place that can help us describe any place we can imagine or the place we live. What is this? It’s our favorite picture, our favorite story, and our favorite poem. What is it? This is ART.

In this class for kids, we touch base on the fundamentals of art techniques while encouraging your child to take his/her imagination to a place that has no limits. Each week is something new. We may study a specific artist for the day, a particular style of art, or a painting and have this serve as the inspiration to create something of their own while using a broad range of mediums such as acrylic painting, drawing, and collage to name a few. We like to be fun and free while learning. This is a great class for every child and all skill levels.

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